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(soft music) (music) (birds chirping) (music) (soft music) (helicopter approaching) (panting) - This document obliges us to transfer the negotiated price of the bonds to a bank of your choice anywhere in the world. And this is called a transfer-and-release agreement. Simply, it says you've agreed to release your bonds and transfer them to Union Global Capital's name. And that's it. - Someone else has contacted me with an interest in buying my bonds. - And what is this someone willing to pay, if you don't mind me asking? - Thirty cents on the dollar.

- That's a good deal, Mr. López. That's certainly a lot more than I'm offering. You knew what my number was before I came here today. Why didn't you take his deal? - Why the price so low, Mr. Campbell? I grew up on that land. These should be worth more. - They've all been logged. - Did you know that after today's work... we now own more than 25% of Peru's agrarian debt? It's remarkable.

When we get back from New York, there's something I want you to look into for me. It's not something that you're used to, but it's nothing you can't handle. - Alright. - I want you to watch Caravedo. - What for? Caravedo has already declined our offer. - And now it's time to make him reconsider. You know what his bonds are worth. Let's get him already. - I don't know anything about this kind of stuff. - What's there to know? - Why don't you just hire somebody? - I can't have a paper trail on this one. - This is not my job. I know it's not, but I'm asking you for your help. If we lock Caravedo... we're done. (background chatter) (honking) (chuckling) (background chatter) (moaning) (crying) (mother crying out) (moaning) (moaning) (man): We didn't do it! (laughter) My brother Rafael and I went to school on the Upper West Side. At the time, he spoke very little English. And myself, uh... Honestly, it was a very scary time for me. Nevertheless, every day, when that final bell rang, I knew Rafael would be outside waiting for me.

And one day, like always, Rafael was there to meet me. Only, this time, with a new friend. This guy. And for the first time ever, Rafa spoke to me in English. He said, "Hey, could you do me a favour? I spoke to Mom, she's on her way to pick you up, but she won't be here for a bit, so could you wait inside, 'cause Oliver and I have to be somewhere." At that moment, I believed that I was no longer Rafael's best friend, but I was wrong, of course. Because my brother's new friend happened to be one in a million. He said, "Hey, Rafa, that's your hermano. We stay right here with him." Oliver has been... a major part of my life ever since, and never once let me down. Not once. And when my brother passed...

...when Rafa passed on... ...there wasn't anybody stronger to pick me up. Oliver Scott Campbell, the big 40. I love you dearly. Happy birthday. (all): Happy birthday! (cheering and applause) (helicopter approaching) (background chatter) (gasping) Shhh. Shhh. (bleating) - Well, you're just gonna have to restructure the whole thing. Yeah, the whole damn package, top to bottom. Yeah, and send it to me when it's done. OK. Yep. OK. Oh, boy, some people just don't get it. And how is the birthday boy? - I was hoping not to be reminded. - Well, you can only say that when you're past 50.

I got a nice card from Kate thanking me for Ethan's XBOX. Coffee? Anything? - No, I'm good. - But something tells me that she didn't really mean it. - That's 'cause he's on it all the time. You could've gotten him a book. - Boys don't want books. They want to blow things up. They want to destroy things... take 'em apart, see what's inside. - Well, he'll be forever indebted to you. - Well, that's why they call it godfather. - Mm-hmm. - Have a seat.

Ollie, I have to tell you something that you are not gonna want to hear. I need you to draw up an immediate exit plan for Peru. - What? - We took a heavy hit on a client's deal in South Africa. Now the banks are calling - Why me? Why this deal? You got 10 others you can cash in on that don't have half the upside this one does. - I wish you were right about that. But it's gonna be alright. We've got Peru cornered and they're going to pay fast.

- I didn't spend the last two years of my life, working day and night, learning Spanish, to break even, Nathan. - You'll get another chance. - I don't want another chance. No, this is my chance and I deserve to finish this! - Yes, you do. You structured the thing exactly the way it should've been, but this isn't about you, Ollie. I need the cash. And I need it yesterday. - This is insane. I just had my hands on a stack of bonds... this fucking thick, Nathan. And now we're making moves on Caravedo. And just like that, you're gonna pull the plug and throw away the chance at another 60 million-plus? Don't do this. OK. Please, just listen to me. Caravedo is a shark. You know the kind better than anyone. It doesn't make any sense that he hasn't sold us his bonds already. Unless he's got something else up his sleeve.

Now, he knows we're the only game in town. He knows he's running out of time. We are on him, Nathan. - Alright, I'll have a look at Caravedo myself. - Great. - I could probably get legal to hold the banks off for a week, tops. But-- - It's not enough time, though. - In the meantime, I want the exit plan on my desk tomorrow, I want you to follow up with the finance minister and I want a closing date no later than next Wednesday.

Oliver. One week. (baby crying) - Happy birthday, Daddy! - Thank you. - Happy birthday...! - I know, I know. - Don't jump on the bed, sweetie. Come on. When are you leaving? - Uh... early tomorrow morning. - What time? - First flight out. - You know, every time Phoebe sees an airplane, she thinks you're on it. - I'm not in the mood today, Kate. (sighing) (fussing) I'm sorry. I didn't mean that. It's just... I'm up against it right now. All these flights back and forth, it's not like it's around the corner. I'm... I'm tired. - Have you seen Nathan seen you've been home? Have you? (sighing) - Nathan's shutting us down, Kate. Got a week to finish this, so the last two years have been for nothing. - Just... come home. (baby rattle shaking) (baby laughing) - Hi. - Ah... - Hi. What have you got here? Mm... that's good. (background chatter) (music) (phone ringing) (cattle lowing) (panting) - I don't understand this. We have already made major adjustments just to be able to meet for negotiations on your original price. - Then why haven't you come back to us with any kind of offer, Manuel? What did you expect? That Union Global wouldn't continue sourcing bonds? That we would just stop? - You know we don't have this kind of money at our disposal.

- Peru's got 20 billion in cash reserves, Manuel. - Those are emergency funds, Ricardo. Do you have any idea of what you are asking me to do? - Manuel, there is a free-trade agreement between our countries, which the IMF and the World Bank will recognize if Peru chooses not to fulfil its obligation to us. That means you pay. - Oliver... - The agrarian reform is not some debt that can be settled between two parties, Mr. Campbell. It is our history. That you have chosen to be involved in. You could at least show the slightest bit of compassion. - Don't talk to me about compassion, Manuel. You know as well as anyone how this works. As the Minister of Finance, it would be a mistake for you to not have what you owe us ready for Wednesday's closing.

- Oliver. Oliver. Oliver, just... I didn't mean-- - Get in. Look. I have always been respectful of your Peruvian heritage. And I have been more than patient with your bleeding-heart politics. But what just went on in there cannot happen. Do you understand me? I'm getting enough weight from Nathan's side. The last thing I need is you working against me too. Look at me, man. Are you hearing me? - Did you hear what he said? - No.

What I heard was his desperation, which you let get to you. - The thing is, he's right. People will suffer from this. - That's such bullshit, Ricardo! Nobody is going to suffer from anything. What Peru owes us, it's pittance. It's insignificant in the grand scheme of things. And with regard to that history nonsense that he said up there, if Peru had been responsible to its own people 40 years ago, then they wouldn't have found themselves in this predicament in the first place. This is how it works, Ricardo. This is how it's always worked. Debts need to be paid. It's what makes the world go round. - You told me we'd be helping Peruvians. - Oh, Jesus Christ, give me a break, man! You want three Peruvians that we're helping? You, Angela and your unborn child.

How about that? Ricky! C'mon... Ricardo! Don't do this. You know how much money you're leaving on the table if you walk away now? You got a family! (distant chatter) (indistinct chatter) (barking) (barking) (bang) (scraping) (bangs) (whistling) (soft music) (soft music) (knocking) - Come in. - You can't talk to people that way. Especially me. Not after everything we've done here together. I want to be here for you, but at some point, you've gotta recognize that I am the one that's seen it all from both sides. And I tell you, not everything is as black and white as you make it out to be. There is a village in the highlands of Ancash called Pampacancha. Caravedo is trying to do some large-scale agriculture project. He wants that land badly. Badly enough that he's paid a lot of people off to keep it quiet. - How'd you find out about it? - I paid one to be unquiet.

I'll go up there to poke around, see what else I can find. Maybe we can get some real leverage on him. - Great. I'll go with you. - No. You'll stick out like a sore thumb in those parts, Oliver. - Nathan's breathing down my neck, Ricardo. I don't have time. - There is just one condition. Caravedo has got a reputation for a reason. So if I find out that he's going to turn that village upside-down, you've got to promise me we're not going to help him do it. I can't be a part of that. - I promise. - I need to rent a car. If I'm going to get there by morning, I should leave now. - OK. And I'll reach out to Caravedo on my end, as well. See what his side of the story is, yeah? - Oliver. You gave me your word. - Good work, Ricky.

(soft music) (soft music) - So your bonds in exchange for free-trade pressure. - Mm-hmm. - Why didn't you come to us sooner? (laughing) - And say what? I'm trying to buy a piece of land that would need permission for me to build on? And your free-trade agreement can guarantee me that permission? Let's be honest, Oliver. Had there been a conversation, I believe you would've have done everything in your means to stop me from getting that land. But the fact that you came to me now instead of doing just that... tells me one thing. Your clock is ticking. And there's something else - and forgive me for putting it this way - but you fail to understand, Oliver. - What's that? - My father's land was taken from him for a stack of paper.

Sixty-thousand hectares. His life's work, my heritage. I watched him grow old and bitter until the day he died. And now you're here to profit off of that, offering me pennies on the dollar. I don't think so, Oliver. I don't need your money. This project means much more than a personal fortune. It means jobs, infrastructure. It means export, expansion. It is growth. It is vision. - What about the people that are still living there? - They are the backbone of the project. It doesn't work without them. I need them. That's why I'm offering them everything I have. Peru was once great because of its agriculture. My father was the living proof of that. And I do believe that agriculture can make Peru great once again. You want my father's bonds? You're going to have to earn them. Get me that land. Get me that land and they are yours for free.

- Who's the farmer holding out on you? (Nathan): Same on my side: Caravedo's story checks out. - I need more time. - Not going to happen, Ollie. - Jesus, what's it gonna take? Our 60 million just doubled-- - I'm with you on this, alright? I know what the numbers are, but my hands are tied. Look, Oliver, there's nothing more to discuss here. We can either break even on this deal, or you help Caravedo get that land. - Alright. - Be good. - Where are you, Ricky? - Hi, this is Ricardo. Please leave your message and I will be sure to get back to you. (beep) (ice rattling) - Ah! (soft music) (gulls cawing) (grunting) (panting) (children shrieking) - Ah!!! Ah! Ah!!! Ah!! (sobbing) (moaning) (groaning) Ah!! (soft music) (distant laughter) (glasses clinking) - I don't have a lot of time here.

Are you gonna take me to him, or do I need to find someone else who will? - What did Señor Caravedo tell you exactly? - He said you'd help me. You do know him, don't you? - He's not going to sell. (groaning) (wincing) - There is no service up here. Take these. - What about you? - I grew up here. Hey, Jorge. Can you think of anything that we can do to change Florentino's mind? - No. - Why not? - Because he thinks he's protecting his family by keeping them there. - How do you know that? - He's my brother. (soft music) - Ha! Ha! (screaming) (screaming, then moaning) (soft music) (soft music) (panting) - Come. - Come on. (panting) Hey! Hey! (sobbing) (moaning) (wincing and moaning) (crying out) (breathing shakily) (soft music) (soft music) (soft music) (soft music) (siren wailing) (soft music) (music fading) - Mr.

Campbell? - Hey, José. - This is Detective Orihuela. He has come here to see you. (exclaiming) (slapping thighs) (breathing shakily) - God. (breathing shakily) (sighing) Why don't you tell me again what your plans are in Pampacancha, Rubén? What the hell did you have to lie to me for? I'm talking about this, Rubén. - What did you expect him to do, Oliver? Tell the whole world that those people were sitting on a mountain of gold? - What are you doing here? - What happened to your face? - What are you doing here? - I'm here to close your deal. That's what I'm doing here. - You knew about this? How long? - He told me the same story he told you. - How long, Nathan? - Since I learned that Rubén was on the market for high-end equipment. High-end mining equipment. This is an incredible deal for all of us. - You lied to me. - No, I did not lie to you. I told you what you needed to hear. And it gave you focus.

- Ricardo's dead. - I know, I know. I just learned myself. I'm sorry. But we are going to take care of Angela, you have my word. So you have the farmer's contract? - Wow. It's really that easy for you, is it? If I find out... that you had anything to do with Ricardo's death-- - Oliver-- - --I swear to God I will make it my life-- - Oliver, you do not want to go there. - It's alright, Nathan. I can understand how Oliver might jump to this conclusion, but he's wrong. I may be shrewd, but I never take people's lives.

Never. (steady beeping) (breathing deeply) (breathing shakily) (sniffling) (background chatter) (baby crying) (sighing) (breathing shakily) (beeping) (soft music) (sniffling) (soft music) (soft music) (soft music).

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