Aaron Carter Fires Business Manager – Life Or Debt, Season 1

Alright, so, the executive assessment. So we looked at the numbers. Total number was? - Total number was $1,200. - $1,200, which means you didn't hit the $1,500. - Right. - What do you think of not hitting your number? - You know, there's things I have thought of already. Like, why didn't they have a credit car swiper at the front? 'Cause that could've been an additional revenue versus just cash. - I mean, that's the negative, obviously. I mean, you didn't hit the number, but... - Right. - Let me tell you what I saw that I started liking. For the first time, you were really starting to take control. You were delegating to Jayson. You had him going. I saw you get mad at him for trying to step in. - I saw that he was helping and that I was delegating and then he was just taking the initiative to go above and beyond, and I said, "Don't do my job." It felt empowering, and, like, it wasn't anything personal.

- I know that what I was asking was a lot. But for me and you, it was all about the executive assessment. Can he make tough decisions? Can he manage people? Can he manage his time? Can he do the things that a CEO of a company can do? And the answer is yes, you can do it. You've always been able to do it. From this day forward, let nobody tell you different.

- I won't. I won't. - How do you feel? - I just have a lot on my mind right now. This was a very enlightening week. I feel like I can do it. And, I mean, I feel like I have to fire you... [dramatic music] From my business management and handling any of my money. - What are you doing? Like... this is not what I told you to do this for. You were supposed to get-- - You didn't tell me to do this. This is what has to happen. Sorry. - If you have to make that decision-- - It's--you didn't even hear what I had to finish saying. "But, but, but, but, why?".

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