Amanda’s Story Part 2 – Debt Heroes

So I've been speaking to Amanda via Live chat about her situation, and what her worries are regarding her debts. And I sent her the link to our PlanFinder site PlanFinder is a secure online system that allows Amanda to give us all the information that we need. So that we can then do a full assessment of her situation and see what debt solution she'll be eligible for. It's available to her 24 hours a day which is really handy when you've got children and you've got a busy life. You can fill it in whenever you want, save a little bit as you go along, come back to it whenever you like. For Amanda because she was really concerned about losing her property it's really vital that she fills that all the information regarding her property so we can look at debt solutions that are going to prioritise and protect her property.

So she hasn't got to worry about that in the future. Once she'd filled it out she can then press the submit button which then pops it through to one of our debt advisers. Who will then get in contact with her, and discuss what solution she's eligible for. And sort of make a recommendation on what solution is gonna be the best for her and her husband situation.

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