Americans carrying record credit card debt

Using plastic is more popular than ever. Credit card debt remains at a record $986 billion. Most Americans are paying very h interest rates on that borrowed money. Loan company LendingTree says te average rate is about 21% and te average balance is nearly $7300. That means if you're making onle minimum monthly payment, it woud take almost five years to pay it off. One option is to limit. Your transfer it to a New Balan, a 0% card, and then try to pay it off as you have that zero balance o.

Many companies offer a 0 introductory rate and then it goes up of course to a standard rate after about a y, so you have to pay it off quick. Another thing that people don't necessarily know that they can do is just call the credit card issuer and ask them to lower your rate. Good advice. I've had him say y. I've had him say no. A survey found 76% of people who asked for a lower interest rate got o. Overall credit card debt is up 17% compared to just last year. So what can you do? Well here are several other tipo help get rid of credit card deb. According to finance company Nerd Wallet, you're going to 1st want to find a payment strategy or two. Whether it be automatic payments paying more than the minimum, it's important to find the right plan that you can afford and stay on track with next.

Soldate your debt by putting them into one account. You're going to have one payment each month to chip away at the balan. You should also try working with your creditors. They may be willing to negotiate payment terms or offer some sort of hardship program. And lastly, don't be afraid to get help. There are many debt relief options or debt management plans to help you get back on track..

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