Delete debt with nonprofit credit counseling

Kens 5 consumer reporter Nicole Kohn explains how nonprofit debt counseling could help. Eva Bill of Kerrville was looking at a lifetime of credit card debt. It's simple. Pull out the plastic card. Pull it out. You pay for everything with plastic. The total cost, $43,000 in debt. I'll never get out of this. I'll be working then the rest of my life just to pay credit cards. But she decided she wanted to retire. That's we're debt free. To get help, she contacted Money Management International, a nonprofit debt counseling service. It helped her reduce her interest rates and build a budget so she didn't use credit. When you're able to make that sort of major change to where more of your payments going to principal instead of. Interest. You can really see progress a lot faster, and anyone struggling with debt should consider getting help if they just feel like they can barely keep up with minimum payments.

Especially definitely if you've started missing payments. It took her seven years to pay off her debt and increased her credit score 100 points, she says. It was challenging, but worth it. I got through it and that's where I'm at today. I am completely out of that depth and it was a large amount. Doing so allowed her to take. The next step towards her dream? Now I know that I can look forward to retirement and not have all that debt hanging over me. On average it takes clients about $400.00 a month and four years to get out of debt. Also be aware there is a small monthly fee of about $24.00 Nicole Kohn KENS 5. Trending tonight..

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