failed business, financial debt, no job and no money – but this is a video about Success

My business failed, and I wasn't doing anything else. I had no job, I had ₹4200 in my account. I asked for ₹30,000 from my father, when everything had gone south. That was to debt I had to pay because credit card company was actually making my life hell. They were calling me ridiculously every single day and night. Yes, you read the title right. I was actually going to give up. But something stopped me hear this video, watch this video right till the end. And I promise, it is going to have an impact on you. If you are about to give up or if you are struggling through something right now. This is a very honest account of my own life of the past two years of my life. And I feel this is a very inspirational story. I am a YouTuber today.

People know me, and I am an educator. Students know me, but I was none of this. A few months ago, I was none of this, and I was working very hard to become this, but I was not there. I was working from years and years and years, I had started off with a business of mine. We are not going to get into that, what it wasn't, what was it all about? No, nothing like that. All I just want to say here is that I started with it, and it failed.

And I was down by at least ₹10-12 lakh, which I had borrowed, so there was a debt, and more than the debt there was this emotional burden of failing. And this was all happening after me clearing CA. So many people think that if you have a strong degree in your hand. Nothing wrong can happen to you and your life is sorted forever. That's not true. That's not really true. Coming back. My business failed, and I wasn't doing anything else.

I had no job. I had no money. And I can tell you exactly how much I had when I started again. I had ₹4200 in my account and you may feel that I'm rich, but trust me guys, I'm not. I was not I am not I don't know, because now I earn, but I wasn't, I wasn't rich. I come from a very humble middle class family, and I was not rich, and I was not in a situation to ask for money, but I did ask, I asked for ₹30,000 from my father, when everything had gone south. And there was no other option I had to begin somewhere again. And that is when I asked for my... I asked my dad for ₹30,000. That is how I started again and that was, again, I mean, this is like four years ago, this is not recent this is four years ago, or three years ago or so. And then again I started working and things weren't working out, by the way.

I took and I borrowed money to pay off my credit card stuff. You may be thinking, I mean, why, how come ₹30,000 is the only debt she had to take care of? No, that was the urgent debt. That was to debt I had to pay because credit card company was actually making my life hell. They were calling me, ridiculously every single day and night, and my living had become difficult. So I had to give them something to set them off for some time. So that is by I borrowed that money and I was working, but I wasn't making anything much. And that is how things are going on, and they went on that way for almost two and a half or three years or so. This is going to be my third year on YouTube, but in the first two years nothing was happening. I barely could cross 10,000 subscribers after one and a half years of my YouTube journey. Which is not a very big number, by the way.

So it started off that way. For almost two years no YouTube happening and people were treating me not in a good way because they knew that somewhere this girl needs the help. So they could figure it out probably I was very needy and I showed myself needy and they could see it and when people know that they take... They don't pay you well, when they find that out about you.

So that was something that was happening with me. I worked with many many many people during those 2-3 years. And none of them were paying me well, I was being terribly underpaid. And the reason was that I wanted to do something again of my own. I could have entered a normal job but I did not want to do that, I had a CA degree in my hand but I did not want to do that because I knew that if I go back to that life, I will never be able to come out of it. And that was not something that I wanted to do.

So that is how I kept on trying, I kept on trying. I worked for almost, I don't know, some 10-15 people during those two years. I was working with so many people, one after the other, because something or the other used to always go wrong. Sometimes they would not pay me sometimes they would hold my checks back and sometimes they would just blame me for some poor performance or something. A lot of stuff happened, a lot of things happened. So anyway, this was December 2019 my sister was getting married. And I remember a chat with my other sister, the one who was not getting married, and I told her that I'm deeply insecure. And I don't know if I am doing anything at all right with my life. Nothing was working out. I was gaining age, and I... Of course, I mean you don't, you want to be successful as early as possible. And of course as time passes, none of us are getting younger, right? And so that is something that I discussed with her.

I asked her, am I doing anything right here? I mean, is it going to really work for me ever? And that was something I asked her, and she said this to me. I remember she said that, you know what Baji. She calls me Baji, she says a very nice thing, which I did realize about myself later on. She said that Baji, you are a person who takes very courageous decisions, but then, the courage that you need to follow through your decision.

When you've taken a decision and now you are executing your decision that courage you don't have, you lake that courage. So, either you decide on doing something, or you don't decide on doing something, I mean you decide on not doing something. And then you stick to it. Why are you so jumpy. Why are you always this and that? If you've taken a decision you've taken a bold decision, you've got to stick to it. If you've taken a decision, do it. That is what she told me, which actually hit me, it hit me hard and probably she's watching my video because she's a subscriber of my channel, she often watches my videos, by the way.

So, eye opener, because that was something that I did realize about myself. I did realize that about myself, but nobody had ever told that to me, and because of which I probably wanted, I probably needed not wanted but needed to hear that from someone to give myself a little assurance. And when she said this to me I did agree that yeah my decisions are courageous I've taken bold steps in life. And now I need some more courage to follow through my decisions. And then that is what I did. 2019 December, nothing was working out, had no money. I was, I will not say paycheck to paycheck, because I was blessed to be living in my own house, I did not have rent to pay but had I had rent to pay, I don't know how I would have managed that. So that was 2019 December. This is slightly what do you call it superstitious, or probably you will feel that this is a small fantasy she is having.

But really, I do feel this way that something changed. With my God. I think he saw it, he saw it that this girl is about to give up. And if I don't listen to her now. If I don't answer her prayers now, she's going to break. And whatever we have in store for her. Really, I do believe that I'm really really really saying this to you. He had so much to give me so much to give me, but I was about to give up. And Because I was about to give up. He could have never been able to give it to me. So he had bigger plans for me you're getting my point? He had huge plans for me but I think, not sure, we don't talk, you see, only I talk, he listens.

He doesn't talk back. So I don't know, but this is my heart saying this to me. I think, something changed in him. He said that if I don't give her now, probably, we are going to lose a gem, because I'm a gem, I do believe that. I have a beautiful heart, and I don't need to hear this from anyone.

I know that about myself. I have a beautiful heart. And if I will do anything good in my life. I'm going to share that joy, I'm not going to only and only keep it to myself. So probably, that was one thing that changed my God, and he decided to finally break it free. And then suddenly I don't know from where there was this video of mine that I shot in June or I don't remember I shot it in June, I believe, somewhere in March, April or June, I don't remember.

That was in the first half of 2020 during the COVID times my video picked up. Okay. That video went viral, And there were some 1 million views, or so, within the first 2-3 months. Suddenly my channel, it went from 25,000 subscribers and now you watch the number, the count over there. So this is all the count that I have gathered in the last eight or nine, seven or eight months, nine months maybe. So my progress has happened, entirely in the last nine or 10 months it hasn't been even-- It's not been a year, I'm pretty sure. It's not been a year. It's been 7-8 months, and from 25,000 subscribers, the channel, picked up, and it went from 25,000 to 5,45,000. Can you believe that 5,45,000 It's unbelievable. Yes, it's unbelievable. But I was not an overnight success. This has taken me six or seven years. People do believe that about me sometimes but I'm telling you, it has been a very long journey.

The point of this video is that I just wanted to share this with you that when I was about to give up, that is when things changed for me. And they changed so beautifully for me. Today, I am so grateful. I don't want to say a lot because I feel a little scared talking about it. It's like a dream, it's like a dream. So I just want to share this with you and I just want to say this to you, if you are somewhere indecisive, you are scared. You don't know where your life is going probably wait a little longer because had I not waited, had I not tried harder, I would have never gotten here.

My channel is doing well, I earn good from YouTube, I make a little money from the brands also sometimes sometimes I don't because sometimes I don't have time to work with them. So I just have to decline those offers. And sometimes I am an educator, I can't believe that. I'm an established educator, you call it for whatever reason, I don't care. People may call it some 1000 reasons that why she is an educator? It is my hard work. I don't care what people say. It is my hard work, and I'm so proud of myself, so proud of myself. Till the time the success last, I don't know till when it is going to last. Till the time it lasts. I am enjoying it. I am just living it. I'm enjoying it. And I urge you to do that for yourself. This is one life you've got pamper yourself with some hard work, pamper your dreams, with some sweat and blood, you don't know where the results are going to come in from.

But the day they come, your life is going to be so awesome. That is all that I wanted to say to you and I'm so excited sharing this video with you. Can't wait to upload it. Alright guys, thank you very much. I just wanted to bring this small, little, little, what we call it? I've said the word message, I don't know how many times but wanted to bring the small idea to you that when you are about to give up that is the moment you have to push yourself harder, try a little harder, and just don't give up. Don't give up because if you're a dreamer. You deserve good things. Let them come to you. Let your God feel that you know, If we don't give her now she will go away, she will be out of our hands. Don't let that-- I mean don't let that thing, stop you. Okay, and I believe that, I strongly believe that my God actually thought that.

That if I don't reward her now, I'm going to lose her. And I'm going to just let her go, and she's so important. Stop her. All right, bye. Take care. .

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