Got A Judgment For A Credit Card Debt. Now What?

A reader writes in I know there's a judgment against me for a credit card debt, but there might even be more what can I do? This letter is really revealing not for what the writer says but because of what he doesn't know. It's very common for smart Americans to forget to ask some basic questions, like how much debt do I actually owe? Who do I owe it to? and What's the deadline before bad things start to happen to me? Look I get it, figuring out your finances is way down the list of fun activities. I've been a financial counsellor and author for more than two decades and even though this stuff fascinates me, I know other people look at budgeting like they look at flossing their teeth it's important but it's really boring. Here's the thing no one will help you floss your teeth but there's professionals who can help you with your finances. It is important to get a debt analysis so you can learn what you need to do and it's even easier than flossing because all you do is call

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