How can Cash Flow and Debt Management be profitable?

How can Cash Flow and Debt Management be profitable? Many financial advisors feel that talking to clients about debt, or spending, can be time consuming, and will attract a lower quality of client. This is a valid concern. Debt and cash flow management may be very time consuming and costly to an advisors practice if they don't have a streamlined process or an ideal client profile. As it turns out, with the right process, incorporating debt and spending advice is highly profitable. Clients with a written debt and cash flow plan don't waste their hard earned money on inefficient interest, nor do they spend on items that don't really matter to them. The freed up cash flow is harnessed and redirected to the financial plan, where both you and your client profit, big time!Recent statistics tell us that debt is growing, especially among our clients nearing or in retirement, with a whopping 59 % of Canadians retiring in debt, so weather you like it or not debt can and will impact your business.

So you have two choices, face it head on in a way that improves your business and your clients lives, or let it hurt you both. Dealing with debt and spending can not only increase your sales and your clients' net worth, but it can protect your practice from one of your largest competitors: your clients' lenders, their bank! The Money Finder can teach you how to use debt and cash flow management to attract your ideal client, and in the process make your relationships with those individuals even more profitable than before. For more information

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