Life at DBS – Credit Management Officer

hi I'm Darren I'm one of the team leads from the Singapore collection team I'm Chandra I'm a credit management officer from Singapore collections team I do with customers that are in your payments for both our secured and unsecured facilities on a day-to-day basis right what we do is that will give me my the cost to our customers and to inform them my stern Lister's outstanding and to arrange payments from there and I thought that to incorporate joyful banking what we do is that we approach customers further to find out what their financial difficulties are the challenges that they are having and we try to work out a suitable repayment plan with them as a credit management officer first of all you gonna listen to what customer says because every customer will have their reason of not being able to pay their dues so as the credit management officer you really need to give them your hearing year also understand their situation frustrated with their current situation so we got to be really patience understanding and be a good listener as well as we have to empathize with what they are going through so from there we try to work up the most suitable repayment plans for them the most rewarding part would be being able to help my customers to improve their financial situation even though it's not immediate but gradually we are able to actually work out a repayment plan and then we follow - so eventually I mean they will be able to clear out the outstanding the return Orien see the a parent I could have spoken to you alone in that case I wouldn't have run into this car situation to me that's something that is very fulfilling and very satisfying as a credit management officer at the annual day I feel good if you are someone that's positive you enjoy challenges and you like to help people this Row is definitely suitable for you yeah because you would definitely feel it's actually rewarding and fulfilling yeah to be able to improve our customers life

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