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-All this news about European debt has taken the focus of something even more important which is, of course, our own debt if you live here. It is skyrocketing. And a Silicon Valley company says it wants to do something about it. NBC Bay area's business and tech reporter, Scott Budman, is here to show us what can they do. Scott. -Well, Jessica, America's credit card debt is shooting up to nearly a trillion dollars as we spend more money than we make. It's hitting young people with plastic in their wallets especially hard, so a Bay Area based financial website is sending them a message through YouTube. [VIDEO PLAYBACK] -It is a tale of temptation, responsibility, and reward-- -And thus begins a mini movie, the latest release from financial management website, about how credit cards, which seem like a great idea for young people at the time-- -Put it on the card. Cha-ching! --can lead to all sorts of problems down the road. -That's more than I have. -Consumer credit is a huge problem in the US -That's's Aaron Forth who says the video explains in a Youtube cool kind of way, why a large chunk of America's $850 billion credit card debt can be traced back to young people and the allure oh flashy gadgets.

-When you're young and you're handed a credit card, the world is your oyster. -You didn't budget well did you. -But it can be a sinking feeling to be in debt. And Mint, now owned by Silicon Valley financial giant Intuit, has seen traffic to its website rise as the stock market falls. Lots of us, it seems, are looking for advice online as we try to balance our budget. -Achieve visibility. Understand what the problem is. Second thing is you really got to spend less than you make. So don't spend more than you can actually pull in because that's never going to get you into a good situation. -Having tamed his debt demon--- -The message here, it is possible to get back on track with discipline and some help from financial websites. -You're credit future is secure. Now, behold your greatest reward. -Thank you credit mountain. [END VIDEO PLAYBACK] -All right.

That last part is just ridiculous. Typically, you don't get women just by paying off your credit card. But our credit card debt is right about $850 billion, which means we're spending a lot of money just to pay of interest above and beyond what we're actually buying. Jessica, there are several free financial websites out there, each one with tools to help you gradually curb your debts. -But it doesn't give you chicks. -No. -No. -Not in my experience. All right. Thank you very much, Scott. -Got me into debt all the time anyway. All right. Let's go to-- change the subject..

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