Paying off Debt with Debt Consolidation Loans

[Music] making minimum payments every month on credit card after credit card can make your debt feel endless not to mention dealing with a mountain of debt can get in the way of saving money and building a healthy financial outlook if you're ready to tackle your debt for good while paying less in interest debt consolidation may be a step in the right direction when you consolidate your debt you're combining multiple debt accounts into a single loan so instead of having to keep track of separate balances due dates and lenders you can make a single payment each month to hit all of your debt budgeting for a single fixed payment can also help you avoid late payment fees protect your credit score and make it easier to stick to your debt repayment plan plus you'll be saving money on interest going from high rate credit cards to a single lower interest loan so how can you get started begin by applying for a debt consolidation loan to combine your debts such as medical bills eligible student loans credit cards personal loans and other unsecured accounts at philadelphia federal credit union our loan representatives can help you with a free rate quote and guide you through every step of the process paying your bills and settling your debts doesn't have to be complicated we're here to help you with a debt management plan that fits you and your budget philadelphia federal credit union not here for our profit here for yours federally insured by the ncua

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