Viral video claiming to pay off credit card debt comes with a warning

Ohh, debt. Most of us have it. Most of us would like to get rid of it. There's a video going around on social media and it promises to help get you out of debt. And I'm going to show it to you, but I don't want you getting your hopes up. I just got a payment of $17,000 straight to my credit card to pay off my balance thanks to the National Debt Association that recently approved the new debt relief program. To anyone who has over $10,000 in credit card debt, it's simply not true. This is just a really a a scheme to have folks call and talk to this credit debt relief company I actually called myself just to kind of walk through their process. And that debt relief help process usually consists of you stopping all credit card payments so that the company can then negotiate on your behalf with your credit card company. That right there should make you nervous no matter how many times the company tells you that they can make your debt go away. This often will destroy your credit for a very long time.

What I suggest is you use the tried and true methods first. It's simply communicate with your credit card companies, let them know you're struggling, you're falling behind, and see if they can't lower your interest rate. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau put out a warning about debt settlement and relief services just like this. And it takes you through the process and the pitfalls. And it talks about avoiding any business that touts a new government program to bail out personal credit card debt. Yeah, it's right there. OK, that sounds just like the video I showed you at the beginning of the story. Right. So the last piece of advice, just don't fall for it..

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