Why Did Man Pay Friend’s Credit Card Bill? | Part 1

in the matter of Shawjrawi vs. Babeyeh, step forward. >> Announcer: 25-year-old Rami Shawjrawi is suing his former roommate, 25-year-old Feras Babeyeh, for a loan to pay off credit card debt, unpaid utility bills and the cost of a bed. >> Judge Judy: Mr. Shawjrawi, you and the defendant were roommates for how long? >> For four months. >> Judge Judy: Did you sign a lease? >> Yes. >> Judge Judy: Both of you? >> Yes. >> Judge Judy: And the lease was for how long? >> Six months. >> Judge Judy: And while you were together, you split expenses. Is that correct? >> Mm-hmm. >> Judge Judy: Is that correct? >> No. >> Judge Judy: Who paid the expenses? >> We pay it together. >> Judge Judy: Well, that means you split them. >> Yes. So we pay for the rent, like, both of us. And we pay the utilities for both of us, so... >> Judge Judy: You paid for half.

>> Yeah. Yes. >> Judge Judy: Each one of you paid for half. Okay.ccording to you, he owes you, for a loan, $1,716. Sir, what was that for? >> It's for his credit cards. >> Judge Judy: Credit cards? >> Mm-hmm. >> Judge Judy: Did he pay your credit cards? >> Judge Judy: Did he pay off your credit cards? That's what he said he did. >> Yes, and I'm telling you he -- >> Judge Judy: How much? >> It was exactly 1,600 and some a little bit, something like that.

>> Judge Judy: Okay. And what were those expenses for? >> Judge Judy: Just a second. Is what you're telling me the credit card that... >> Yeah. >> Judge Judy: You have to let me finish my question. Is what you're telling me that the credit card that he used and he paid for because he was driving your car for Uber? So he was paying for gas, and he was paying for insurance. Is that why he paid it off? >> Yes, for using the car and putting oil in the car and also for the car insurance. >> Judge Judy: Okay. Do you have the receipts from what you paid the credit card? >> Yes. >> Judge Judy: When did you pay it? >> On the 28th of November.

>> Judge Judy: I'd like to see those credit card bills because you agree that he paid off your credit card, right? >> Yes. >> Judge Judy: And you moved in on November 1st. Listen to me, sir. You moved in together on November 1st. >> No. Before that, we moved into the house. >> Judge Judy: On what date? >> On 31st of October. >> October. >> Judge Judy: Okay. So on November 1st, well, you had to have a bed because he purchased beds for each of you on November 1st so you'd have a place to sleep. >> Mm-hmm. >> Judge Judy: So he purchased twin beds. That was 11/1. And on November 20th, he paid off, according to you, 1,600-some-odd dollars in your credit card. >> Yes. >> Judge Judy: Well, he couldn't have used your car $1,600 worth over a three-week period, sir, so that bill was for October. >> That's not...No.

Okay. Can I tell you something? you're saying, sir,I k because I read your answer. We're talking about two different things. The bills that had accumulated on the credit card that he paid off were your bills from October, from September because, if he paid off the credit card in November and you didn't move in together until October 31st, he couldn't have accumulated... >> We was live before in his cousin's place, near to San Diego University. I stay with them over there almost, like, for four months before we moved to that other place. >> Judge Judy: Okay. Let me tell you what you wrote in your answer... >> Mm-hmm. >> Judge Judy: ...what you swore to in your answer, so we understand each other.

>> Yeah..

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