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[overlapping voices] Money. Money... [Jane Lynch] It's a powerful tool. But it's no accident so many are struggling with debt. It's how the whole game was designed. [upbeat music playing] [Edie Falco] Americans now owe  more in student loans than in auto loans or in credit card debt. It's a crisis that we have to address. Credit card companies conduct literally tens of thousands of experiments per year to figure out, "How do I make the most money from each person?" [Marcia Gay Harden]  Experts suggest, to retire comfortably, a middle-class American should save at least $1,000,000. I think I might be late to the game learning about this. [Bobby Cannavale] In the US, because of Covid-19, trading on Robinhood soared. Let me just clarify, day trading isn't investing. Day trading is gambling. [Tiffany Haddish] Why do we keep falling for the same old act? Human beings are terrible lie detectors.

Most of us think we're good lie detectors, and that's why we're often fooled. [Tiffany Haddish] And how can we avoid  taking the bait? This is your golden opportunity. [cash register dings] .

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