Kevin O’Leary: How Many Credit Cards Should You Have?

I recommend that everybody have at least two credit cards the first credit card is one that has a very low limit let's say $2,000 and that's the number you use on all the online services if they get hacked nobody can spend more than $2,000 that's how you protect yourself the other card is the one you use when you actually buy things that are not online and perhaps those purchases can be much more expensive you need both one that's out there and one that's private that's the way to do it and by the way make both of them cash back forget about affinity points there's so much inflation in that you get less and less every year for the points get the cash back that's the way to go I carry eight different credit cards in multiple currencies I travel internationally so I have credit cards for many different geographies Swiss francs British pounds euros I have all those cards because I want efficiency in my fees my whole thing about credit cards is I don't like fees I'm cheap and having all these credit cards give me diversity it makes sure that I'm not being charged for currency conversion drives me out of my mind when I'm buying something in London and I'm getting whacked on a conversion price back in the US dollars that doesn't happen to me because I have one in British pounds nananananana [Music]

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