World Bank Government Debt and Risk Management (GDRM) Program

middle-income countries face a unique set of fiscal challenges investing in physical and social infrastructure is crucial for development stability and financing the budget but raising capital is not easy governments must fund the projects at the lowest possible cost with limited resources deepening domestic markets borrowing internationally and developing capacity to handle more complex financial instruments. The World Bank government debt and risk management program supports partner countries for all government debt and risk management related needs. Once countries become part of the Government Debt and Risk Management program they receive just-in-time technical assistance from practitioner experts for all debt management needs. The GDRM program think unlike many other programs, is offering programmatic support. What we what we value very much is that it is a learning program. So there is a constant dialogue between the partner countries the World Bank and SECO. The program covers the full spectrum of debt management activities. So it includes for example the development of a debt management strategy the implementation of such strategy that may include work on developing an annual borrowing plan on the development of the domestic market but also accessing the international capital markets derivatives markets and so on.

Also incorporate the risks that come from the contingent liabilities and bring this comprehensive view of the assets and liabilities management. GDRM programs approach is based on providing expertise building trust and long-term relationships. World Bank has expertise and it does not just the expertise within the Bank itself but also the relationships that Bank have through member states of the Bank. And therefore the expertise that are in debt management offices around the world. Peer learning is an important part of the GDRM experience. Connecting countries facing similar issues and providing a platform for in-depth exchange of ideas and experiences. We also recognize that because of the skill of level of consultants they actually learned and understood the contextual situation of Ghana because every country is different so you'll notice that the attention to detail and how they went on the program with us was a recognition of our country context. The programmatic approach that we adopt is to undertake a diagnostic of the country then develop a reform plan a work program in collaboration with the country representatives.

But then also to be there with them during the implementation of those reforms. "To support middle-income countries in becoming more resilient against fiscal shocks" this is what the whole GDRM program is about you.

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