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ANNOUNCER: The Believer's Walk of Faith is paid for by Bill Winston Ministry's partners and viewers. ANNOUNCER: Up next on the Believer's Walk of Faith. BILL: This is your day. I said this is your day. I said this is your day. You need healing, this is your day. You need deliverance, this is your day. I came to announce all debts are cancelled, God said so. Now, agree with God. BILL: Hello, this is Bill Winston and welcome to the Believer's Walk of Faith where we walk by faith and not by sight. Well, today's message was taken from the Southwest Believers Convention. This is hosted by Brother Kenneth and Sister Gloria Copeland. Now we had a great time there. I shared a prophetic word at this conference and it's something God gave me from Deuteronomy chapter 15 in the message Bible translation. It says this, "All debts are canceled, God said so." Praise God, man.

You can't beat that with a stick, I'm telling you. All debts are canceled, God said so. See, it might not be that a creditor said so but God said so. When that happened and you believe it and begin to speak it and act on it I'm telling you, things are going to super naturally happen. Now, this was such a powerful time in the Lord. I felt something tangible even break in the Spirit when I said that in that place. I'm telling you miracles begin to happen. There is no distance in the Spirit, the same anointing that was there is here right now and in the place where you're sitting, that same anointing. All you need to do as you watch this broadcast, build your faith for the cancelation and the eradication of debts. See, when Jesus paid the price, he paid it all. He paid for your healing. He paid for your deliverance. He paid for your debt cancelation. Praise the Lord. Let's go into it now. It's called Cancel All Debts.

BILL: The Bible says, "Christ had redeemed us from the curse of the law being made a curse for us for this written curse is everyone that hangeth on a tree that the blessing of Abraham might come on the gentiles through Jesus Christ that we might receive the promise of the Spirit through faith." The blessing that is on our lives is the same blessing that was on Abraham and it's the same blessing that was on Adam.

It was Eden blessing at that time and then it's the same blessing that he talks about in Proverbs 10:22 that we talked about, "The blessing of the Lord it maketh rich and he addeth no sorrow with it." Now, the blessings come out of the blessing. The blessings are supernatural, supernatural increase, supernatural prosperity, supernatural promotions, supernatural protection, supernatural longevity, supernatural business strategies, all these things come out of that. When you're talking about supernatural prosperity many times we can't even imagine what that is, only because we hadn't taken time to mediate the scriptures. When you mediate the scriptures the Holy Ghost will show you that supernatural prosperity is explosive growth. It's not this kind of growth that takes place over 50 years, it's explosive growth. It's God's supernatural growth coming on your life, supernatural deliverance. I remember when I was again starting our ministry at Chicago and Lake Pulaski is where we first started. Lake Pulaski, that was in the 11th precinct of Chicago, the worst crime area in Chicago. He started us right in the middle of it. When we started there, I remember a lady coming in, she came in the door and she broke in said who's the pastor in here, I said I'm the pastor.

She said I need to see you. Now I understand the place wasn't big enough to hold about 20 people, 25, 30 people at the most. I said, "Why do you want to see me about?" She said, "The drug dealers have taken over my block, my street." She said, "What are you going to do about it?" Now, you got to understand that one of the reasons why we were sent where we're set is to turn it from what it is into the Garden of Eden. That's why you're sent where you're sent. Doesn't make any difference where you're sent or the condition of the place or the color of the people.

What happened, we go in there. I said, "Lady, get in the circle, let's pray." Now, why do I want to pray? Because I've got to hear from headquarters, because the blessing takes me being obedient to the voice of God. Let's look at that please over in Deuteronomy chapter 28. Look what it said in verse one, "And it shall come to pass, if thou shalt hearken diligently to the voice of the Lord thy God to observe and to do all his commandments which I command thee this day, that the Lord thy God will set thee high above all nations of the earth.

And all these blessings shall come on you and," what, "overtake you." All right. Now, I need the blessing of deliverance. I need deliverance in that neighborhood, deliverance from the crime, deliverance from the drug dealers so forth and so on, I need it. Now, what could I do? I can consult natural sources. I can go down to the police department. I can go over to and make a block club and form a block club and let's get together and so forth. All those things maybe are good. This is what the book brings up that I wrote. Hercules was coming now, he was qualifying himself as who he's supposed to be. Now, here's Hercules, as you know he's a mystical character. I think it's one of Aesop's fables. Here is Hercules and now he's got to fight this dragon. This dragon is called a hydra. I think it's nine heads. He takes to fight this dragon but there's a problem. As quickly as he cuts the head off of the dragon, one of the heads, two more grow back.

Can't you see what I'm saying? I'm saying the natural solutions of man trying to solve the problems of Al Qaeda, the next thing you know you got ISIS, you got about four or five spawned terrorist groups. I'm saying why, because nobody ever got to the root. See, people are trying to take God out of it. See, the devil is trying to secularize the world, meaning he's trying to take God out of education, God of out of the government, God out here.

You're here to put God back in education and put him back in Hollywood. All the mountains are supposed to be rule by God. I'm saying that no, no, we don't want the problems to get worse. We want these problems to get better. In this solution that God came up with was a spiritual solution or it was rooted in the spirit. Now, let me say what I'm talking about there.

What you see in the physical has a spiritual component. Glory to God. Whatever exists naturally has a root spiritually. In other words, what you see is either controlled or is managed by something you cannot see. You and I are the only ones that can get to the root. We can get to the root of whatever problem there is. Doesn't make any difference, you and I are the designed to get to it. How do we get to it? By faith. We can cut into this thing and get to the root. Notice what happened, when Jesus cursed the fig tree it dried up from the roots. Once the roots were dried then the tree could no longer have life. I'm saying that what you do see is controlled by something you can't see.

The world is trying to solve the problem on the level of the leaves and that's not good enough. You and I are coming in and now we're going to deal with the root cause. God gave me a root solution. Here's what he said. "Bless this oil. Give it to her, tell her to go pour it down the middle of the street." Does that sound logical? No, it doesn't. Get ready for foolish thoughts. Listen now. If you're going to obey the voice of God, listen, this is why a lot of people don't go anywhere.

They know too much. See, I'm telling you. That's why a kid can almost handle this. Oh Jesus, I got so much I want to say to you today. Alright, now. Let's keep going with this. Praise God. What did I do? I gave it to her and I said lady, God said take this oil and pour it down in the middle of the street. She said, well give it here. Now, that lady was desperate.

I think sometimes church folk are not quite desperate enough to allow God to work in our lives. In other words, we can take it or leave it. When he told the man go dip seven times in the River Jordan he had first rode away. Why did he ride away? Because first of all that's foolish. Next thing I'm a man of stature. You mean in front of all my men? That's absurd. See, that pride thing. This lady didn't have any pride. This lady that came to me, she said, well give it here. I gave it to her. She went, poured it down the middle of the street and what happened. Came back in four days, "Pastor, guess what? I said, "What?" They came out for one hour the next day. Now they were coming out at 12 noon and leaving at 12 midnight every day, Monday through Sunday. She said they came out for one hour the next day and never came back.

Now, think about it. The Bible says that "God has laid up sound wisdom for the righteous." Proverbs chapter 2, for the righteous not from the righteous. For you, what, because he knew you're going to have a problem. He already had a solution. When you have a problem, the solution has already been delivered by God. Now, we've got to use our faith to pull down a solution, glory to God, and solve that problem. The world is waiting on you. You got the answers. You got the answers to problems in your company. You know you were designed like God. You were made in his image. God is the creator. Am I right about that? Do you know you are designed to create? That God will continue to stimulate your imagination with something new. He's going to do it for as long as you're here.

I think that's why retirement is not in the Bible. Well, because if you can breathe you can create. Are you all with me here? Now, that is just an example of supernatural deliverance, supernatural favor. You know what that is, that was when the children of Israel coming out of Egypt and coming out of there. Well, while they're coming out, notice what Moses said to them. Well, let's go up there. Let's go to Exodus chapter 3 in verse 19 please. Look what he said, "I am sure that the king of Egypt will not let you go.

No, not by a mighty hand." They're in bondage now, watch this. "And I will stretch out my hand and I will smite Egypt with all my wonders which I do in the midst thereof: and after that he will let you go." Next verse, "I will give these people favor." Say this like this. Favor. Now, this is supernatural favor. See supernatural favor. One day of supernatural favor is worth a lifetime of labor. It shall come to pass that when you go you will not go empty. Redemption is not complete without divine provision. It's not complete. God does not want you to be saved and broke. God does not want you to be saved and sick. God does not want you to be saved and depressed. Say amen to this.

God does not want you to be saved and full of fear. You've been redeemed from fear just like you've been redeemed from sickness. You have no right to fear and a devil has no legal right to put fear on you. Say amen to that. Say this from this day. I will not fear. I sought the Lord. And he heard me. And delivered me. From all my fears. I receive it. By faith. Today. In Jesus name. Amen. Praise God. That was Psalm chapter 34 and four. He delivered me from all my fears. I'm saying now, I want to go in and I want to get my inherence but I'm going to have to follow the voice of God.

God is going to speak to me about every matter. Everything I want to receive, God said just follow my voice. Now, somebody said well, I heard I'm not under the law. You're under the law. You're under grace, that's why you can follow this. All you got to do is do what he says. I showed you yesterday or day before that his commandments are not grievous. They're not hard to do. He's going to tell you to do so, pour the oil down the street. Get up. There was another guy he was in our ministry.

His credit was so bad till it was so bad. What happened? He started hearing these scriptures about ownership and what God had given him. He and his wife went down to buy a car. They go around here. Here you go then sits down. He sees a car in the showroom, oh man, he likes this car he, and his wife. He sat down with the salesman, the salesman's okay, which one. He wrote up the paperwork. He said okay, give me your social security number. He looked at it. He said, Sir, I don't think we can do anything for you. He said why. He said, "Sir, your credit you're not..." he sat back in his chair said Lord what shall I do. God said get up, march around on the car, you your wife, seven times just march around.

He got up, he and his wife marched around the car. Now, some of you all won't do this. Come on now because you've got too much sense to do this. He marched around that car for seven times, went back and sat down and God said, tell him to key it in there again. He keyed it again. He said wait a minute, I must have something wrong. What was your social security number again? He gave it to him again. God had wiped out. Come on, this is the right crowd. I know. I'm talking about supernatural deliverance. We have enough time on talking about debt cancelation because I'm not talking about natural. I'm talking about super. God is a debt-canceling God. Deuteronomy chapter 15 in verse 1 and the Message Translation. "At the end of every seven years, cancel all debt. This is a procedure. Everyone who has lent money to his neighbor writes it off. You must not press your neighbor or his brother for payment. All debts are cancelled, God said so." Oh Lord Jesus.

All debts, I came to announce, all debts are Lord Jesus. All debts, I came to announce, all debts are cancelled, God said so. Now, agree with God. Sit down. Now, cancelled, God said so. Now, agree with God. Sit down. Now, I'm going to tell you what somebody says. This is what the logical mind is going to say. "Well, now, pastor, you got to understand that he said at the end of every seven years. Now we just can't cancel debt when we want to. We got to wait till seven years. All right. With your smart self go to Mark chapter 7. We got the devil where we want him now, boy. See, it's in the book and this book is God speaking to you. Now look what it says here, verse 25, "And there was a certain woman whose young daughter had an unclean spirit who heard of him and came and fell at his feet." Watch this, in Jesus' feet. "The woman was a Greek, a Syrophenician by nation, and she besought him that he would cast forth the devil out of her daughter.

But Jesus said unto her, 'Let the children first be filled for it's not meet to take the children's bread and to cast it to dogs.'" Now somebody being called a dog up in here somewhere, would you see this? "He answered and said onto him, 'Yes Lord.' Yet the dogs under the table eat the children's crumbs. He said onto her, 'For this saying, go thy way, the devil has gone out of your daughter.' When she has come to her house she found the devil going out and her daughter lay upon the bed." Check it out. Notice who the woman was, she was a Greek, Syrophenician by nation. Why is that so important? Because the Holy Spirit wants to let you know that it wasn't her time. Because the Bible said in Romans chapter 1 verse 16, "I'm not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ. It is the power of God onto salvation to everyone that believeth to the Jew first and then to the Greek." It wasn't her time.

I said it wasn't her time. She pressed in by faith and faith moves time. I don't care if he says seven years or 70 years, today is your time. Now, take you faith and move it. I came to announce to you all debts are cancelled, God said so. Yeah, you can't beat that. You can't beat that. See, they're trying you can't beat that. You can't beat that. See, they're trying to work that same thing at the gravesite of Lazarus, do you remember? Here comes Jesus and Martha. Mary met him and said, "You know, if you'd only been here earlier my brother would not have died." He said, "Your brother shall rise again.

He'll live again." She said, "I know he will in the resurrection in the last day." He said, "No, no, no. You don't know who I am. I am the resurrection." This is your day. I said, this is your day. I said this is your day. You need healing, this is your day. You need deliverance? This is your day. Now sit down. Do I have any believers in this house? Lord have mercy, I'm Do I have any believers in this house? Lord have mercy, I'm trying to get through this. (Speaking in tongues) Something is happening in this house. I said something is happening in this house. Can't you feel it? Can't you sense it? Something just broke. I said something just broke. I'm telling you saints; see if you just receive it. Don't try to take it and understand it. Just receive. You don't know how God's going to do it but you do know what he's going to do. He is canceling debts. ANNOUNCER: Activate the anointing on your life through this special message given during the Southwest Believers Convention to break any burden of debt because God says so.

To order your copy of this powerful message, Cancel All Debt, on special CD and DVD combo, on MP3 and MP4 combo, contact us online at You can also call us at 1-800-711-9327. Order this dynamic teaching, Cancel All Debt today. (Music) BILL: I came to announce that this is the last day that you will go through what you've been going through. [MUSIC] This is a new, I said this is a new day. You are moving to a time you will speak the Word only.

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