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To drown in debt and to remain in debt is actually a mindset. It's a nature. Today I am going to talk to you about the 7 mistakes that if you keep doing, you will remain in debt for the rest of your life. And I am going to give you solutions for that. Hi friends, I am Snedha Sai, Life Coach and Business Coach. In my last month's video, I gave you 7 steps on how you can remove debt stepwise. But today I want to cover its psychological part and mindset. What are the habits and habits that keep us in debt? First, not taking responsibility. When you ask someone in debt, why are you in debt? He is always ready to blame everyone around him. He is ready to blame all the circumstances. But he is not ready to take responsibility. He is ready to blame his partner, his money, his government policies. But guess what? If you have created that debt, you are responsible for it. If you don't take responsibility and keep blaming others, tell me how can you change? If you blame the things that you cannot control, you will never change.

You can only control your actions and decisions. It is important for you to decide that if you are in debt, then it is your responsibility and you have to do something to get out of it. Second, lavish lifestyle. You have debt, but you don't have money. You have to pay people. If you want to live in a big house, or if you want to drive a car, or if you want to go out, then how will you go out? Or if you want to buy a new mobile phone, or if you want to buy new clothes online, just because Diwali, birthday, anniversary are coming. Or if you want to go out with friends in restaurants and cafes, or if you want to go to a betel shop. Friends, you have to understand that this lavish lifestyle will never let you get rid of your debt. You have to decide that you have to reduce these things. Because I have a debt and my number one focus should be how to get rid of that debt. Temporarily, you need to bring your habits and this lavish lifestyle under control.

Third, no money management. I see that the person who wants to get out of debt, he will manage his earnings. But I observe that people who are in debt, they never manage money. Even your ancestors gave you property worth crores of rupees, but if you don't manage money, you will drown in debt again. If you agree, then type Agree. What is money management? I can make a long video on this. If you want, then give this video 5000 thumbs up and likes. Then I will definitely make that next video. But you know, if I explain money management in short, then it is a combination of three things. First, needs, which is 50% of our life's needs. What can be the needs? Like the expenses of the house where we live, the bills that come daily, or the transportation, medical, etc.

Then comes our wants, which is 30%. In this 30%, clothes, electronics, restaurants, vacation, gym, can be the expenses. And 20% is our savings, from which we can create assets, plan retirement, or generate passive income through investment. Now friends, the interesting thing is that when you are in debt, then the money management that you are seeing now, you have to bring a little change in it. And the change would be that you focus on the basics, which are the needs. But these two segments, as much as possible, you should focus on directly getting rid of your debt. Now it doesn't mean that you can't do savings, you can't invest, you can do that. But it should be safe and you should focus on getting rid of your debt. That's one thing. As long as you have someone's money, the negative vibrations of that person will never let us move forward. And that's why it is important to bring this change and focus on money management. So make a list of all your total earnings. And make a list of all these expenses. And whatever is left after that, you should focus on getting rid of maximum debt.

Then comes the fourth mistake, and that is comfort zone. Now, if I tell you that you don't want to earn more money, and you know that you will start writing in the comments that you are working hard, I am telling you the opposite. Friends, I have seen people who are in debt, they are living in such a comfort zone. They are getting up in the morning, they are working in the old job, and there is no extra effort in that job, there is no extra mile of working.

I observe that they are still full of laziness. Or they keep making excuses that I can't do this, I don't know how to do this. Learn that if you don't know how to do it, if you want to get out of debt, then you have to do it. Such a victim mentality that I don't know why this is happening to me, I am unfortunate, I don't have any money left. I don't know why people do wrong with me. Or why God is giving me so much pain. Friends, this is nothing but comfort zone. If you stay in this type of comfort zone, then boss, you will have as much money as you want. Nothing will happen. You will lose that money by living like this. And that's why if you want to get out of debt, if you want to make more money, then you need to understand this simple chart.

That when you start getting out of the comfort zone, it's not going to be easy because, after that comes the fear zone. In the fear zone, you will always make excuses, that I can't do this, I can't do that, I don't know this. That's why a person stays in the comfort zone. But as soon as he gets out of it, all these challenges that I told you, if you want to get out of it, then comes the learning zone.

That is, if you don't know, then start learning. If this is the problem, then start finding a solution for it. Don't make excuses not to do it. To do it, find a big reason, a big why. And when you start learning, then comes a time of growth zone. When you see that you will have a long vision. When you see how you are able to see, what strategies I have to make in the future, what actions I have to take, and how I will be able to get rid of this debt. And there will be a financial confidence gain, which will take you towards financial freedom. See, if you want financial freedom outside, then you have to bring financial confidence in your mind first. And that will happen only after you get out of the comfort zone. Along with that, friends, the fifth and that is, no goal. That is, I observe that the person who has not planned for success, he has already planned to fail. The person who is in debt, if he sets a goal to buy a Mercedes, if he sets a goal to buy a big house, instead of that, he needs to set a goal that how long will I pay off the debt I have on me.

Friends, it is important to have this goal. Nothing is going to happen in life without a goal. You tell me, if you are going somewhere for vacation, for the smallest of things, don't you think so that you are setting a goal? If you have to go to Goa, then you first set a goal that which flight should I take, how many days should I stay there, which hotel should I stay in, where will I manage food.

So many things you have to plan, you have to set small goals. Now, let us take an example that first of all, you need to make a list. What are my debts and what is its interest rate? The second video I told you, which I gave you last month, how to get rid of debt in 7 steps, in that, I have explained this process, the whole practical process. But the second step is that once the list is ready, then set a specific goal of earning more. Now this is important. If you have a loan of 10 lakhs, then it is a simple thing that your goal should be to earn 15 to 20 lakhs as soon as possible. If you have a loan of 50 lakhs, then you should have a goal of earning crores as soon as possible. With a deadline. Now, you have made that list, you have set a goal of earning more, now it comes to how long will you get rid of that loan? How will you get rid of that loan? Friends, decide a deadline for that. That after the next 6 months, till this date or till the next year, till this date or within 2 years, give that date that till this date, I have to get rid of all my debts.

to see if you are on the right track to achieve your goal. And more than that, design a payment plan to pay off your debt every month. You have to have a plan, my dear friends. 200 0:10:17,000 --> 0:10:06,222 To achieve that, you need to set a goal and check it every month You won't achieve anything without planning. You will be lazy and you will keep thinking about a miracle. Don't wait for it. Create one. You will never find a way if you wait. Start walking and you will find your way. And that's what you need to understand. When I am teaching you to set a goal, I take a master class every three months which is totally free. And that master class is about goal mastery.

That means how you can set a goal in your life and achieve it scientifically for five days totally free which I take live. To register for the next master class, you have to go to where you will get a totally free registration and you will also get the upcoming goal mastery date. Friends, if you have enjoyed this video so far, then before I share the next point, you can hit that like button, you can hit the heart button and share it with your friends. One thing is for sure, the challenge we are facing today, there are many people around us who can help you in this challenge. You can hit the share button. I have seen many people drowning in debt, in depression or even in the end of their lives. The purpose of making this video is to help as many Indians as possible. And you can help me to reach them by hitting that like button and share button. So please friends, this is what you have to do. Now, friends, the sixth point and that is anxiety and stress. I understand that when there is a debt, when there is a financial problem, then thinking too much, overthinking, being in stress can happen.

But if you do this, do you know what will happen to it? Tell me one thing, by thinking too much and worrying, will the debt be less? No, on top of that, your mind will not work properly. If the mind does not work properly, then in stress, you will not be able to see the good opportunities in front of you. Opportunities to earn, opportunities to move forward, opportunities to grow. And you know friends, you are not able to make the right decisions when your mind does not function properly, when it is in stress. And sometimes, you will be surprised to know that a psychological research says that when you are in more fear, in stress, then you spend more.

For example, have you ever seen news channels? They show you mostly negative news and take your mind to safety mechanism. And after that, they advertise to buy something. See friends, this is how the mind works and that is why sometimes wrong spending is going to be more in safety mechanism. And that is why I am telling you that it is important to manage stress here. Now you will say, but sir, how to do it? There is a very simple way and that is to be in the present.

Leave the past, leave the past. It happened, it happened, he did this to me, how will I be able to pay the payment tomorrow? How will I get out of this loan? How do I earn? Forget it. Nothing will happen to the past and future, friends. Come to the present. Focus on every small step that what do I have to do today to get rid of this loan? And if you focus on every day, you will not even know how much you will get ahead in a month or three months. And the second is to meditate. Meditate for 10 minutes, 15 minutes, get up in the morning, meditate, do it in the evening. But that meditation, staying with yourself, calming yourself, staying with your breathing will help a lot. You know, the more creative ideas come out, they will come out of meditation. Creativity comes out of peace, friends. And that's why it's important to take some time.

Even the rich people take time for meditation. And most importantly, trust yourself and trust your God, friends. I still remember when we were 17 years old, we had to go to a rented house. My father's factory was sold. When I asked my father, Dad, don't you worry at all? And when we were in debt, we went to live in a rented house. And then my father said, son, the one who has brought us here, he will also guide us. It means that the faith in them was so strong that even in those bad days, we were very positive. Now, it doesn't mean that you have to sit at home believing. You have to sit thinking that God will come to help me. No, friends, God helps those who help themselves. That is, we have to take action. We have to understand all these things, change our nature, our habits. And then only we will be able to work.

But that faith is necessary to stay out of stress. And friends, I am going to share the seventh point with you. It is very important and that is not investing in financial knowledge. Now, friends, which school, which college taught you how to make money? Or where was it told where to invest? Or was there a school where you were taught how to start a business? I want to say that we have got financial education in very few places. And I am not talking about book knowledge, I am talking about practical knowledge.

Now, friends, we have spent lakhs of rupees by the age of 25. But there is no financial knowledge anywhere. Because schools and colleges, I had designed a video last month in which I said that schools and colleges are made to prepare employees, to prepare workers, to prepare such people who follow orders. Because this British schooling system is still going on there. The Gurukul system was great, extraordinary. But the current system is a little wrong, friends. Now, I don't know when we will change the system. But one thing is for sure that we will have to invest in some places in our life from where we can learn financial knowledge. Friends, I will suggest you that if you don't read books, then read books. If you don't attend seminars, then attend seminars. Follow all the successful people in real life. Make a role model or a teacher in your life from where you can learn how to make money. If you ask, sir, what should I read, what should I attend? Look, there is so much to read.

I mean, I just went to my library and I just took out the first 10 books that I got which were in reference to money, in reference to finance. Friends, you will be surprised to know that I read 10 to 15 books every month. Whether it is on success, money, or psychology. And this really helps me. If you want to know which books to read on success, which books to read on investment, which books to read on finance, which books to read to increase confidence, then friends, honestly, if you are on YouTube, then hit that subscribe button. If you are on Instagram or Facebook, then hit the follow button. Because I make videos of books on a regular basis. The books that you should read to get a particular result. So, by following my channel, when you watch old videos, you will get all this knowledge that which book is right for you, which topic is right for you. So when you have hit that follow and subscribe button, then you will be connected with me and you will get the same knowledge on a regular basis.

But you also know that nothing will happen by listening. It is very important that you follow this knowledge practically in your life. And friends, if you want to get practical experience of this, then I want to invite you to my workshop. Friends, I started my career at the age of 17 from a rented house. And now I am 34 years old, I run 11 businesses, I have created a net worth of 100 crores. This can be possible for you too. For that, I have designed a special 4-hour workshop called, You Can Be A Millionaire.

This workshop is online on Zoom. In this 4-hour workshop, friends, there are many things that you will learn. How to develop a high-income skill, how to get out of your money problem, how to put passive income, where to invest, you will get to know all these things there in 4 hours. I don't want to take it in detail because my purpose is not to do marketing here. I just want to say that more than 5000 people have attended this workshop so far. And if you go to Google and search Snedh Sai Naam, then you will get more than 3000 reviews and 5 out of 5 stars.

Why? Because we have produced the results of all the workshops that have come. The value of this workshop is 10,000 but I want to share it with you on the token charge of 299. But, friends, it is not about marketing here. I want to give you this with a money back guarantee. That means, if you invest, attend a 4-hour workshop, and if you feel that you are not happy, then we will give you your money back. Because we have only one goal that we help you achieve your goals. Friends, my next You Can Be Millionaire workshop is coming soon. To register for it, you have to go to And there you will get complete information about what you will learn in the program, what is my background, what is my experience, how I have been successful, and you will get confidence that I can help you.

And there you will be able to register and you will know the upcoming date of this workshop. And you can live attend me and change your whole life, my dear friends. So, thank you so much for giving me this wonderful opportunity. Stay connected with me and keep getting positive changes for your life with our new videos. Thank you so much.

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